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Assembly & Dissasembly

Design ideas

Material renting

Spain, Germany & growing

Due to our many partners and our local resorces, we can offer support services for professionals of the fair trade and event business in many countries.

We offer assistance in any field, to ensure a perfect exectution, planning or presentation for your project.


Design Conception

Our team of designers will create new concepts and forms to provide you with a whole new angle to present to your client.


Not to brag, but our renderings are top of the line.
Send us your finished design and we will create a presentation for you with the finest renders.

Local production

Local workshops in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokio & Chiang Mai.
All equiped with Carpintry experts, CNC Machinery, graphic production and storage facilities. For any kind of projects: High end, low budget, re-usable or modular solutions.

Build-up and Breakdown

Our expierenced workforce can assist you in your assemblies so you don't have to send a whole team across the globe.

We offer individual help or whole teams to ensure a finished project.

Stand-by Services

Need someone for a live event?
Sound and video staff, technical assistance, catering organization and last minute services.

Material for rent

Furniture, flooring, video & digital solutions, sound systems, lighting and truss.

Videowalls, podests, counters and more.

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